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Disembodied Hands are a recurring theme in my work. I am fasinated that the theme of hands beyond our control can suddenly take charge and steer us off course - these stories go back centuries. Such as the folk story from Devon, UK where disembodied hands would suddenly take the reins of your carrage horses and steer you off the road causing accidents and fatalities - to the contemporary folk tale of hands which appear and frighten young children and teenagers. Hands can help and harm, they can have a face or not. They can harm in the process of care.


HELLP - birth. Collage, drawing on paper. A3.

Thorny Bed. Video Still. 2021.

Corrina Thornton_DSC0370 copy_edited.jpg

Disembodied Hands. Cobalt monoprint on porcelain. 2022.

Image: Bjarte Bjørkum

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